Friesian Stallion

Our Friesian stallion, Ceimpe, was born and raised in Holland. He is a giant, but he has a loving and gentle nature. He is awesome in appearance, looking like a “fantasy” horse from some childhood storybook. Only a unicorn would be more breathtaking.

Meet our Stallion

Ceimpe - Friesian Stallion

Together with his fabulous carriage and bold manner as well as elegant conformation, long hair, and dark color, Ceimpe should produce foals that will be a real asset to the breed and a delight to ride and show.

He is a dream to ride, once you get used to the strength of a 1700 pound animal whose pounding feet on the ground seem to make the ground around you shake. His flowing mane waving in the breeze when running can transport your imagination to an era hundreds of years ago.

Approved Friesian Stallion: Approved as a breeding stallion by the FPZV at their Stallion Performance Test held in March 2008, He previously received the Reserve Championship at the Stallion Keuring held in March 2006.

FPZV Reg No 200019901
Sire:  Thomas 327
Dam’s Sire:  Tsjaling
Height:  17 Hands
Color:  Black
Birth Date:  April 25, 2000


Fee:  $1250
Live Foal Guarantee
Registered Friesian Mares Only
Cooled shipped Semen Available

Performance Scores

We are proud of Ceimpe and his performance scores

Instructor Riding

  • Character 7
  • Walk 7
  • Trot 7
  • Foreign Riding 8

Instructor Driving

  • Character 8
  • Temperament 7
  • Capability for Performance 8
  • Trot 8
  • Suitability for Driving 8

Judges Riding

  • Walk 8
  • Trot 7
  • Canter 7
  • Suitability for Riding 7.5
  • Suitability for Cross-Country 8

Judges Driving

  • Walk 8
  • Trot 8
  • Suitability for Driving 8.5
  • Heavy Pull Boldness 8