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New Stallion Purchased

Julia and I, together with Jim and Sally Bedeker, have purchased the great FPS Permanently Approved Stallion, Fridse 423 Sport. He is certainly one of the finest stallions in the world. He will be standing for stud at the Friesian Connection.

We are very proud to now own one of the finest FPS and one of the finest FPZV stallions in the world. Fridse is known for many things, but to me one of his best attributes is the sweet and loving personalities his foals possess. We have a 2011 filly by Fridse that is the sweetest, most affectionate foal we’ve ever had. Fridse’s foals are also characterized by their noble and stylish heads with soft, gentle eyes.

See more about him on the Friesian Connection website. 

Who We Are

We are passionate about raising quality Friesian horses

Black Stallion Ranch was created in 2006 to develop a boutique Friesian horse ranch where quality would be emphasized, and the size would be limited so that each individual horse could get the loving care and attention that we give all the animals under our care.