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Black Stallion Ranch was created in 2006 to develop a boutique Friesian horse ranch where quality would be emphasized.

Louis & Julia Dorfman

Meet the Owners

Louis & Julia Dorfman

Louis and Julia Dorfman are the owners of Black Stallion Ranch, while my wife, Julia, and I are new to the Friesian world, we are experienced horse people. I had a large Quarter horse operation for many years, raising one World Champion Quarter Horse stallion and a Cutting Horse that is in the Cutting Horse Hall of Fame. I had a large number of other individual Grand Champions at halter and performance.

We wanted to do something different with this ranch, raising top quality foals from recognized world class mares and stallions. We want to keep the operation to a size wherein we can spend time training and nurturing each individual to maximize its comfort and happiness and desire to work with its human friends.

Therefore, all horses for sale will have been handled with gentleness, kindness, and concern for its confidence and development to insure that it can realize its full potential.

We will be selling all our foals except for an occasional one or two which I will train for riding horses. The horses we offer for sale will not be culls, but just the product of good mares and good stallions. We will enjoy raising the foals properly, enjoying their childhood, then seeing them go to good homes where someone can show them or just enjoy them as we do.

We will be selling a few mares, as we try to vary the style and type of Friesians we raise. The fact that a mare is for sale does not mean she’s not up to our standards; rather that we want to vary the types of foals we have, and we are keeping the number of mares to a certain amount.

We will not be showing any horses, as the purpose for which this ranch was founded was for my wife and I to just be at our ranch and enjoy the upbringing and riding of our horses and appreciate the beauty, intelligence, and gentleness for which Friesians are famous.

The ranch is located in Rhome, Texas, which is 25 miles northwest of Ft. Worth, Texas.


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